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Massachusetts Badminton Clubs

Below are badminton clubs in Massachusetts. To see more information, click on the club name.

Arlington Recreation Badminton Arlington, MA 6176421099
Badminton is a fast, fun, and social game that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. Even if you are new to badminton, you will quickly learn the basics and join others in exciting games. Indoor badminton is more fun, more exciting, and more energetic than the “backyard badminton” that most Americans are familiar with. Shuttlecocks will be supplied. Some pm – 9:50pm.
Harvard Badminton Club Cambridge, MA
Much of the Harvard Badminton Club's early history is unknown. What is known is that the beginnings of the Harvard Badminton Club trace back to the fall of 1987, when Michael Flexer '89 co-founded the club with another fellow undergraduate (whose name is unfortunately unknown to us). At the time, the club consisted of only a handful of members who were mostly interested in just finding a regular place to play. However, the club quickly expanded to about a dozen members the following year, which also marked the first intercollegiate match between the clubs at Harvard and Boston University. Little is known about the state of the club in subsequent years until 1994, when the current incarnation of the Harvard Badminton Club was brought into existence and officially recognized by the University. Jonathan Wu presided over the club, which had court time reserved every Friday evening and Sunday morning.
Mit Badminton Club Cambridge, MA
MIT Badminton Club is organized under the Club Sports Council to bring together MIT undergraduate and graduate students to compete in local tournaments. Players of all levels are welcome but they should demonstrate commitment to improving. Big group and small group drill practices and game nights are held regularly and are organized by coaches and officers. The club provides nets and courts and players bring their own rackets and shuttlecocks. The club is open to only MIT affiliates.
Cedardale Athletic Club Haverhill, MA
Gut N Feathers Club Marblehead, MA
Massachusetts Badminton Association (massbad) Marblehead, MA
The mission of the Massachusetts Badminton Association (MassBad) is to promote and develop badminton awareness and competition for players of all levels in the Bay State. In addition, MassBad represents the interests of Massachusetts to the Northeast Badminton Association, (the organization designated by USA Badminton, for the District of Columbia and the 12 states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia). Massachusetts has more than three-dozen private, university and community clubs throughout the state offering play opportunities for thousands of recreational and competitive Bay State residents.
Northshore Jr Badminton Association Marblehead, MA
Indonesian Club Newton, MA
Smith Badminton Club Northampton, MA
We hold weekly practices for members to play and enjoy badminton. Members with any experience or background are welcome. Throughout the year, we collaborate with Amherst College Badminton Club to practice together and compete against other colleges.
Maugus Club - Badminton Wellesley, MA (781) 235-8151
The Maugus Club of Wellesley, Massachusetts boasts the strongest badminton membership in the state, with numerous players holding state or national rankings. All levels of play are encouraged on the three regulation-sized doubles courts. The third court was added in the fall of 2006 when the gym was enlarged and renovated. Badminton is played every day of the week at the Maugus Club. Members may obtain keys to use courts even when the Club itself is closed. Badminton members decide jointly how best to allocate court time among reserved play, open play, and various levels of play. This system has successfully allowed sufficient court time for everyone.
Hamilton Badminton Club South Hamilton, MA
This club meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the gym at the Cutler Elementary School at 237 Asbury Street in South Hamilton, MA. If you get there early, hang around until at least 7:30 p.m., since sometimes play begins that late
Boston Badminton Westborough, MA (508) 329-1710
Boston Badminton was built as a premier Club to promote the growth of badminton in the Greater Boston area through a world class 8 court facility, training program and tournaments.
Boston University Badminton Club Boston, MA
The Boston University Badminton Club is a club team that welcomes anyone who is interested in exploring the world of badminton. We will show you this world is amazingly cool! We have practice 2 times every week, please come along whenever you feel like doing some badminton! You do not need to bring racquets or birds (although it is recommended to bring your own racquet for a better experience overall). We have loaners that we can lend to you for the time.
Boston Metro Badminton Club Cambridge, MA (646) 732-4981
Boston Metro Badminton Club was established in 2006 as a non-profit club by Daphne Chang and Neil Davies. Our mission is to be a club for players to have fun and competitive games and to help to promote good sportsmanship and badminton. Our club is extremely diverse and includes players from many different countries. We also help advanced juniors in Boston area to improve their game by playing with them regularly. Players are required to bring their own shuttles, rackets, proper badminton footwear and to pay for the admission fee of whichever facility we meet at. Our players are required to help out at the Boston Open (set-up, break-down, line-judging, etc.) given any scheduling conflicts and if requested. Club members are also required to represent Boston Metro team in the team events. This is not a recreational club and we do not accept beginners or intermediate players. Participation is by invitation ONLY. For try-outs or more information please contact us.
Massachusetts Table Tennis And Badminton Club (mattbc) Waltham, MA (781) 373-9086
MATTBC, the biggest and professional table tennis-badminton club in Boston, has 8 standard table tennis tables and 3 badminton courts. The club is appropriate for training and holding events. Also, the club provides Personal coach and various classes for different level's player. No matter you are an amateur, beginner or advanced player, you will find the class fit for you. Come to our club and have a good workout!
Needham Badminton Club Needham, MA
This club is adult activity of the Needham Recreation Department, available to those at least 17 years old. It meets most Mondays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. from October through mid-May in the "A" Gym at the Needham High School. The group does not meet on days the school is closed due to a holiday, vacation, or snow day. At times, the High School Athletic Department has to schedule last-minute games, which cancels the badminton session for that night.
Acton Badminton Club Acton, MA
Do you know what the most popular sport in the world is? Badminton! Come and join us and find out why. You will find that badminton is a fast, fun and social game that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. If you have never played badminton before, you quickly will learn the basics and join others in exciting games. Experienced players as well as beginners will be taught. If you are looking for a great way to have fun while getting in shape and lighten up your nights, this is the place to be. Bring your racket and we will provide the birdies.
Carlisle Badminton Carlisle, MA
As one of the fastest sports, Badminton combines agility, speed, stamina, and coordination into one demanding discipline. Come join our recreational club program, the largest in the area. Peer instruction and support are offered. Although this is an adult program families are welcome, no person under 16 is permitted unless with an adult and permission of the coordinator. Bring own racket and sneakers to wear (no street footwear on courts). Shuttles provided. Pre-registration is strongly recommended. Space availability for walk-ins is not guaranteed. No Classes during school vacations or when school is not in session such as a snow day.
Malden Badminton Malden, MA (617) 331-4319
Marblehead Community Center - Badminton Marblehead, MA (781) 631-3350
Join Marblehead Recreation in this open gym concept badminton program. It’s fun, social and a great workout. This program will be offered on two days, Wednesday nights and Sunday Mornings.
Sudbury Badminton Sudbury, MA
Badminton is the most popular and fastest racquet sport! It's fast, fun and social game that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. If you have never played badminton before, you will quickly learn the basics and join other experienced players in exciting games! If you are looking for a great way to have fun while getting in shape, this is a place to be! Bring your racquet and we will provide the birdies.
Winchester Badminton Club Winchester, MA (781) 646-8681

If any information provided is not accurate, please email us so we can update our database.