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Arlington Recreation Badminton, Arlington MA

Below is the information for Arlington Recreation Badminton.
Club Name: Arlington Recreation Badminton
Website: https://www.arlingtonrec.com/
Contact Name: CHAUNCY LIU
Contact Email: chauncyliu@hotmail.com
Contact Phone: 6176421099
Details: Badminton is a fast, fun, and social game that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. Even if you are new to badminton, you will quickly learn the basics and join others in exciting games. Indoor badminton is more fun, more exciting, and more energetic than the “backyard badminton” that most Americans are familiar with. Shuttlecocks will be supplied. Some pm – 9:50pm.


Venue: Dallin School Gym - 185 Florence Avenue, Arlington MA 02474
Schedule: Mon: 6:30pm - 7:20pm, 7:20pm – 8:10pm, 8:10pm - 9:50pm; Thurs: 6:30pm - 7:20pm; 8:10pm - 9:50pm
Fees: Varies
Courts Available: 3
Membership: Family/Youth/Adult
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Comment from Ya Chun (Lina) Harp: Hi Chauncy, I am a beginner, and interested on Mondays 8:10-9:50pm section. How do I register? Thanks. Lina
Comment from Frank Hui: Hi, I am new to area and looking for badminton playing. From note on website it seems only Mon and Thursday ? Or there are more during weekends. Thanks

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