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Wb Brooklyn Badminton Club, Brooklyn NY

Below is the information for WB Brooklyn Badminton Club.
Club Name: WB Brooklyn Badminton Club
Website: www.brooklynbadmin.com
Contact Name: yuriy
Contact Email: yuriy69@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 9173457878
Details: The WB Brooklyn Badminton Club encourages players of all ages and skill levels to play. Free coaching to all players.


Venue: The WB Brooklyn Badminton Club - 3000 AVENUE X, Brooklyn NY 11235
Schedule: Tuesday
Fees: 17
Courts Available: 7
Membership: Visitor's Fee is 17$ per night. Pakages: 5 Sessions - $80; 10 Sessions - $150 gay
Notes: We opened recently as a group who loves badminton. Our club includes different skill levels of players. Our club includes people from different countries such Russia, China, India, etc. You can always find someone who speaks your language and someone to be your partner!
Contact Name 2: yuriy leyfman
Contact Email 2: yuriy69@gmail.com
Contact Phone 2: 9173457878
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