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Brooklyn Bensonhurst Badminton Club , Brooklyn NY

Below is the information for Brooklyn Bensonhurst Badminton Club .
Club Name: Brooklyn Bensonhurst Badminton Club
Website: http://www.bensonhurstbrooklynbadmintonclub.com/
Contact Name: Kit
Contact Email: nybbbc@gmail.com
Contact Phone: (347) 866-4880
Details: A well established badminton club in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, aims to promote badminton as a sports for people in our community as well as to provide a place for badminton enthusiasts to socialize, learn, exercise and have fun. There are various levels of players in the club coming from many places. You may experience and get to know many skill sets from these people. Do join us to nurture your interest towards badminton sports, let yourself enjoy and be physically and mentally toughened through exercise!


Venue: Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - 5800 20th Ave., Brooklyn NY 11204
Schedule: Sun: 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Courts Available:
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