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Badminton Center Court, Lakewood CA

Below is the information for Badminton Center Court.
Club Name: Badminton Center Court
Website: http://www.badmintoncentercourt.com/
Contact Name: n/a
Contact Email: training@thecentercourt.com
Contact Phone: (562) 426-9299
Details: The Badminton Center Court offers a complete line of badminton products and services to give you the best badminton experience. Our facility offers all the top brands available in the market. Everything from the affordable to the top of the line. All equipment from rackets to shuttles are ready for testing so you know what works for you! And once you know what you want, the Center Court team can also help you elevate your game with the signature Center Court training program. We will be ready to help you get the best badminton experience you won't find anywhere else!


Venue: Badminton Center Court - 3699 Industry Ave, Lakewood CA 90712
Schedule: Mon - Fri: 2:00pm - 12:00am midnight; Sat - Sun: 10:00am - 12:00am midnight
Fees: Monthly Membership: Adults - Individual $35/mon & $40 sign-up fee; Adults - Couple $60/mon & $80 sign-up fee; Adults - College Student $30/mon & $40 sign-up fee; Children - Individual $20/mon & $30 si
Courts Available: 6
Membership: Membership: Daily, Monthly, Annual
Notes: Pro Shop
Policy: n/a
Contact Name 2: n/a
Contact Email 2: n/a
Contact Phone 2: n/a
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