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Tucson Badminton Club, Tucson AZ

Below is the information for Tucson Badminton Club.
Club Name: Tucson Badminton Club
Website: http://badmintontucson.com/
Contact Name: richard alexander
Contact Email: bdmntncluboftucson@gmail.com
Contact Phone: (520) 791-4560
Details: The club exists to promote recreational and competitive Badminton in the City of Tucson, AZ. We are fortunate to have a number of recreation centers where you can play 6 days a week at different times of the day. From 6:00AM, for those who prefer to play before work, to Saturday afternoons for those less eager, you can find people playing badminton. From beginners to experienced players, you can find players with similar abilities to play with at very reasonable prices. The city also hosts Senior Tournaments and the University of Arizona, located in midtown, hosts open tournaments as well.


Venue: Randolph Recreation Center - 200 South Alvernon Way, Tucson AZ 85711
Schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri: 10:00am - 12:30pm
Fees: Adults 18+: $1.50, Youth 17-: $1.00; Seniors 62: $1.00
Courts Available: n/a
Membership: n/a
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Comment from Liwia: Hallo, I'll stay in Tucson from 11 - 19 June 2022. Is it possible to organize badminton class every day or every second day for my kids (11 and 9 years old)? Is it possible that they join the group of kids? If not they can have class individual. Kind regards Liwia

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