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Phoenix Badminton Center, Phoenix AZ

Below is the information for Phoenix Badminton Center.
Club Name: Phoenix Badminton Center
Website: http://www.phoenixbadmintoncenter.com/
Contact Name: Shibu Bhavanam
Contact Email: phxbc2013@gmail.com
Contact Phone: (602) 666-6169
Details: It is our mission to offer our members and guests the ‘Very Best Badminton Experience!’ Our commitment is to provide our members with a world-class badminton facility for the enjoyment of badminton. Whether you are a novice or want to be a national level player, we strive to provide the highest standard facilities, superior coaching / training programs, and numerous amenities and services, all custom tailored to meet the demand of our members. Throughout the badminton club, many people who have never played badminton before have developed a passion for the sport; many people who have played before but were never serious have developed a competitive spirit. All in all, Phoenix Badminton Center will promote the sport of badminton greatly within the community and hopes to continue doing so.


Venue: Phoenix Badminton Center - 21430 N 15th Lane, Suite 114, Phoenix AZ 85027
Schedule: Mon - Fri: 2:00pm - 10.30pm; Sat-Sun: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Courts Available: 8
Membership: Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Membership are available. Daily Visitors (Drop-in) are welcome.
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Comment from LISA RENEE WISE-WOLK: we will be coming into Phoenix for a convention First week of July. If we are able to drop in/visit do you have any equipment that can be used/rented? I used to play in High School but family is interested in seeing/ figuring out how to play. Thank you for your quick response.
Comment from Diana: Hi, Do you have any plans to offer a summer camp for teenagers to build their skills. My teenager would be very interested in learning more about the sport.

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