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Ann Arbor Badminton Club, Ann Arbor MI

Below is the information for Ann Arbor Badminton Club.
Club Name: Ann Arbor Badminton Club
Website: http://annarborbadminton.org/
Contact Name: Helpline
Contact Email: info@annarborbadminton.org
Contact Phone: 7349716355
Details: We are a self-regulating bunch of folks that meet and play together to enjoy the sport of badminton. There aren’t any rules specific to the club but we do follow certain guidelines to ensure we all have a good time at the gym. Most of us play doubles to maximize court usage. If there is no one waiting and you see an open court feel free to play singles as long as you want or can. The club has eight courts that allow for plenty of play time. In case you see people waiting for the courts please be courteous and limit your time to one game at one time. You can warm up before the game but limit your warm up time depending on the crowd waiting. The club has players with different skill levels. For the best enjoyment of the game, it is generally beneficial for you to play with players that are at about the same skill levels. Most of us play with feather birdies/shuttle-cocks. Each one of us supplies a fresh bird at the start of each game and then uses them as they get worn out. The players take turn in supplying the birdies for the game. Feather birdies are more expensive but they offer a much more rewarding badminton experience as you get more involved with the sport.


Venue: Meri Lou Recreation Center - 2960 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Schedule: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9:00am - noon
Courts Available: 8
Membership: Free for club! $45 for 1 month gym membership (required)
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Comment from Krish Narayanan: Hi, Can you please connect me with someone in the beginner group. Thanks. Krish
Comment from Ravi: Hi , I have moved in new to the city and I am interested to play badminton on a regular basis . I am an advanced badminton player . Let me know the procedure for getting admission for playing Badminton in your venue . You can reach me @ 734 846 7885
Comment from Vignesh Ravikumar : Hello I recently moved to Westland. I am an intermediate badminton player and would want to join a club and play regularly. Please let me know if the club has vacancy Regards vignesh

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