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Mississippi Badminton Clubs

Below are badminton clubs in Mississippi. To see more information, click on the club name.

The University Of Southern Mississippi Badminton Club Hattiesburg, MS
We are a small group of people sharing common interest BADMINTON. Right now we have 11 members in the club. Some of our club members have been playing/practicing badminton for more than 4 years. New club members learn basic skills from experienced members and enjoy playing game. We sometimes participate in tournaments conducted by other universities.
Ole Miss Badminton Club University, MS
Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) Badminton Club aims to organize regular badminton practice for its members, promote this Olympic game as a means of recreation and friendly competition, assisting students, staff, faculty and others who are interested in to develop their badminton skills, and participate in intramural and extramural tournaments. Ole Miss Badminton Club is also a good place to socialize with other like-minded people. Students, Faculty/Staff members of the university are eligible to represent the club in competitions and participate our official club activities Families of official members, and community members are also welcomed to join the club and participate in our practice time and social events.

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