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Great Falls Sports Club, Great Falls MT

Below is the information for Great Falls Sports Club.
Club Name: Great Falls Sports Club
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Great-Falls-Sports-Club-1036758283194580
Contact Name: Richard Lai
Contact Email: richlai@rogers.com
Contact Phone: 000-000-0000
Details: We host badminton games for all ages. We also train players if you need instructions. It's a fun game and is suitable for all ages. We have 3 courts and host all level of players.


Venue: Heisey Community Center - 313 7th St N, Great Falls MT 59405
Schedule: 5:30pm-8:30pm SAT
Fees: As indicated previously
Courts Available: 3
Membership: 5:30pm-8:30pm Sat - til 5/30/2020 1.(individuals) $50/person/ June - Sept $50/person/ Oct - Jan $80/person/ whole season 2.(couples) $40/person/ June - Sept $40/person/ Oct - Jan $70/person/ whole season 3.(walk ins) $5 4.(children under 12yrs)
Notes: Please note that we are expending the time and courts. We will more than happy to train and help you develop your skills. *** EXTRA TIME and COURT *** - Currently pending and negotiating. Hopefully will be able to utilize local elementary school starting April. (either Tues or Thurs 5:30pm - 8:00pm) - TIME: TBA. - LOCATION: TBA. - FEE: NONE. Will provide a proper phone number once it is available. Please contact us through emails or visit our Facebook page for now. https://www.facebook.com/Great-Falls-Sports-Club-1036758283194580
Policy: MUST have proper gym wear including running shoes. Must be respectful to other players.
Contact Name 2: Vim Herrera
Contact Email 2: vhvimcat1@gmail.com
Contact Phone 2: 000-000-0000
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