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Minnesota Vietnamese Badminton Club @ Kac, Bloomington MN

Below is the information for Minnesota Vietnamese Badminton Club @ KAC.
Club Name: Minnesota Vietnamese Badminton Club @ KAC
Website: http://www.mnvbc.com/
Contact Name:
Contact Email: contact@mnvbc.com
Contact Phone:
Details: Although this badminton club was officially established in January 2005, its history goes back more than a dozen years. It started with a group of friends who were particularly passionate about playing badminton in the late 80's and early 90's. We were U of M students, so we had a chance to play the sport year-round in the main campus' gym. We kept up our sporadic get-togethers and competed with other clubs around the Twin Cities. In January 2005, we unexpectedly met some skilled players from various age groups and different walks of life who shared the same interest in the sport. That's when the idea of forming an official club was born. Currently, we have a number of committed members who practice on a regular basis. We hope, through our collaboration on the internet, we will be able to gather many more players - regardless of skill levels, ages, backgrounds - because we strongly believe in the end it will benefit everyone. There is no cost involved, except the cost of shuttlecocks, but the benefit to your physical health is beyond measure, not to mention it's extremely fun and addictive. We feel that newcomers who visit our weekly get-together will feel the enthusiasm and passion our members have for the game. We know that everyone who joins our club will not only reap huge benefits on the courts, but will also feel the camaraderie, friendliness and respect we have for everyone..


Venue: Kennedy Activity Center - 150 E 98th St., Bloomington MN 55420
Schedule: Fri
Courts Available:
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