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University Of Tennessee-knoxville Badminton Club, Knoxville TN

Below is the information for University of Tennessee-Knoxville Badminton Club.
Club Name: University of Tennessee-Knoxville Badminton Club
Contact Name: Kevin Mathew
Contact Email: kjiju@tennessee.edu
Contact Phone:
Details: The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Badminton Club is a registered student organization located on the main campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. We promote the sport of badminton with regular practices, organizing competitions, and participating in regional tournaments. We are undergraduates, graduates, staff, professionals, and alumni as well as enthusiastic players from the Knoxville Area.


Venue: TRECS - 2111 Volunteer Blvd, Knoxville TN 37996
Courts Available: 4
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Comment from Nick: Hello. i just go to UTK for postdoc. i am looking for badminton club. I see y that UTK has a badminton club here. Could i join your club please? Thank you so much.
Comment from Sebastian: Does your club allow high school students and visitors come to play ? ( In case of there is a service fee for playing in your court, how much is it ? ) We really really want to play badminton, but there is only your club around here that has badminton court to play -_-
Comment from Deepak: I would like to play badminton with my friends and looking for courts to play. Any information regarding courts booking, availability, any fee would be appreciated.

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