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Indianapolis Badminton Club, Indianapolis IN

Below is the information for Indianapolis Badminton Club.
Club Name: Indianapolis Badminton Club
Contact Name: Yavat shaj
Contact Email: indybadminton@gmail.com
Contact Phone: (317) 787-1887


Venue: Washington Park and Family Center - 3130 E. 30th Street, Indianapolis IN 46218
Schedule: Tues: 6:30pm - 9:00pm; Fri: 5:00pm - 8:30pm
Fees: $3.00 per person
Courts Available:
Contact Name 2: Dawn & Bharat Patel
Contact Email 2: dlbpatel@gmail.com
Contact Phone 2: (713) 419-2712
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Comment from Sreekanth Yakkala: Are u open on saturday and sunday ?, If YES what are the timings?
Comment from Tapaswi: Hi, I am interested to join badminton on tuesdays and fridays. Please let me know the process to join club. Thanks, Tapaswi 9409997819
Comment from Shashi : Hi, we are two people intrested in joining your club. Can I know further details about membership fee and timings. Thanks.
Comment from Nilay Panchal: Just moved to Indy, Would like to join any kind of sport.
Comment from Gowri Ratan: Hi, Do you have any classes available for kids 7 years old?
Comment from Gowri Ratan: Hi, I'm joining my son 7 years old in Badminton. Could you please provide the information? thanks!
Comment from Daniel H: Hi, I have been looking for a badminton club to join, and I am interested in joining your club. Can you let me know more about your club? Thanks!
Comment from (Chris) Van Zing: Can the club provide transportation? I really like playing badminton and I have been playing it since I was young. But sadly I stop playing for 5 years. Now I’m back to playing it again. So I wanted to ask about that.
Comment from Belinda: Do you have anything for kids? Our 9 year old son is interested in joining a badminton team.
Comment from Paul Knechtel: Our BadmintonGoesViral (BGV) project has successfully introduced/expanded Badminton in many school systems in the US. There may be one or two schools in the Indy area interested. Is this club interested in working with us to expand the sport in schhols in your area?
Comment from Shaha: Hi, I just moved to Indy. Please let me know the process to join club and time you usually play! Thanks.
Comment from Aishwarya Kodnikar: I would like to join the badminton club. I've played before and I'm really interested to be a part of the club. What will be the procedure? Thank you.
Comment from Joshua Warren: I am a former badminton player and I just wanted to play badminton again with someone.
Comment from Pinakin Patel: I am interested to join Badminton club. How can i join the club?

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